Monday, February 12, 2007

A Disciplined Dependance

Many of us have recently made attempts at New Year's resolutions, watched (or debated!) the BCS championship series games, and observed another attempt to make the Super Bowl weekend an official American holiday. Some have celebrated victories in regard to some of these experiences. Resolutions, competing and winning have logical connections. The Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthian church that they should run their race in such a way as to win the prize. He reminded them that athletes that don’t discipline themselves will come up short.

At The Master's Mission we have definite objectives. Like Paul wrote, we run not with uncertainty – we don't want to be like those whose fighting never gets beyond boxing the air. Always preparing, yet never competing, never engaging. Ours are definite objectives that yearn for specific results. Our desire is to provide the most effective and practical training for missionaries and their families that will enable them to establish and strengthen churches worldwide.

Two critical skill-sets are essential for this to happen. First, missionaries must know the Scripture and actually model its principles in their lives. Their relationships must reflect God's truth so that others can see the difference Jesus makes. Secondly, those missionaries must have the ability to get to the places to which God has called them and then they must be able to stay long enough to engage the people and to contribute as good neighbors in those societies once they are there.

Both tasks are formidable. Desire must be followed by commitment and training and execution if anything lasting is to be accomplished. A disciplined dependence on God gets the job done for His glory. Members of an elite military unit make the following commitments as a result of their training: “Anything, Anytime, Anywhere.” Can we who know the Savior do any less when it comes to extending God’s Kingdom? Join with me in asking for grace to turn resolutions into victories through a radical following after the Savior.


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